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Partial renewal of Ulmberg and Enge tunnels




Planning of a slab track type LVT-HA

Around 230 trains use the railway line between Zurich Wiedikon and Zurich Wollishofen every day. The Ulmberg and Enge tunnels are around 100 years old; the ballasted track with wooden sleepers was built in 1990. SBB is renovating both tunnels and replacing the tracks with a "Low Vibration Track, High Attentuation" (LVT-HA) slab track. During the renovation, only one of two tracks can be used.

Detailed construction phase planning is required to ensure that the work can be carried out safely within the tight time frame. Special attention is being paid to the transitions between the slab track and the existing ballasted track as well as to the drainage of the base by means of a drain concrete layer to dissipate rising compressive stresses.

RUBI Railtec takes care of the planning of the slab track.

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